I’ve got a good feeling about this supercut. GET IT? I’M USING THE PHRASE IN THE VIDEO BUT THE OPPOSITE

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"I’ve never used music to sell my faith and I’ve never used faith to sell my music. I think they are both intrinsic parts of who I am. We’ve always tried to define our music outside of genre. What is a genre? A genre’s a cage or a box and for us our music is best with fangs and some claws running free in the wild."
— Jon Foreman of Switchfoot  (via karlnova)


June 17, 1997-January 14, 2014



I hate when people say money doesn’t buy you happiness. it does. it buys you financial stability, a nice house, nice cars, nice vacations and trips, healthier food, a better education, etc. like wearing burberry while driving around in an audi would probably make me pretty happy too. but it’s just that rich people often take their comfortable lives for granted and end up being spoiled and ungrateful for what they have 


Track Title: All About That Bass

Artist: Meghan Trainor

Album: All About That Bass


Meghan Trainor - All About That Bass


*mic drop*


*mic drop*


what i look for in a guy

  • dark hair
  • brown eyes
  • tall
  • funny
  • wears suits
  • tonight show
  • jimmy fallon